IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Licensing & Management as a Monthly Service

  • Save Up to 50% on Your TCO
  • 24/7 Management and Support
  • No Upfront Commitment
  • No Compliance Risk
  • No Administration Costs
  • No Staffing or Training Cost
  • On-premise or in the Cloud
  • Software Maintenance Included

BlueMSP Managed Services

What Is Included in Our WebSphere Cast Iron MSP Service

Services Description Included & Add-on(s)
Administration We will take care of administration and monitoring of your software environment. Leaving you to focus on the business value of the software.
Backups We will handle any configuring and management of backups and you additionally have the option to backup to our cloud.
Best Practice Guidelines & Architecture Review To ensure you have confidence our engineering team with work to ensure you have deployed best practices in your architecture and design.
Capacity Planning and Management We will monitor how your usage is growing and help you understanding what is needed.
Deployments We will deploy all your initial software and will deploy required changes with 24 hour notice.
General Questions and Support Enjoy expanded and improve question and answer support with BlueMSP's concierge support team.
Hosting We can host your application on premise or in the cloud.
Installation and Setup We handles the installation, configuration, and optimization of your IBM software as part of the monthly service.
Issue management We work with level 2 & 3 support to have your issues resolved fast from opening up conference lines to escalating and follow up issues with IBM.
Monitoring We monitor all aspects of your application through our cloud monitoring platform. We will respond to any issue in your environment 24/7 and provide the ability to view the status of your system on our customer portal or mobile app.
Optimization and Configuration of Installation We will review your environment and ensure it's at its best so that your software or platform run as fast as possible.
Security management We will manage security patches and user management for your application.
Upgrades and Fix Pack Installation We will handle your upgrades and fix pack installation on your schedule and will manage the entire process.
Offsite backups/HA We will assign you a primary and secondary technical engineer who will rotate pager duty after office hours. If for any reason your primary team is unavailable our global support team will takes over.
ETL Integration Through a simple monthly add-on we can extend your backups or availability on the cloud.